Normally, an appointment for infants or young children lasts 30 minutes whereas adults are seen for 45 to 60 minutes on average. The maximum frequency of visits is once every week. Alos, depending on patient needs, specific exercises may be given and must practised between treatments to ensure continuity.

Typically, the first minutes of the appointment are dedicated to data collection. The osteopath notes the reasons for consultation and the history of the problem. He also assesses your general condition through a series of questions on your past and present health status.

The next step is the physical assessment. An osteopath works with his hands. Expect to be touched. Since treatment begins immediately after all information is gathered, the transition is sometimes seamless. You may not be aware treatment has in fact begun!

The techniques used are precise and never agressive even though you may feel some disconfort during a specific maneuver, especially if you suffer from acute pain. Always feel free to communicate with your osteopath. As concentrated as he may seem, you are never disturbing him. It is YOUR body after all! If you want more information on what's going on, or if you want less, if you feel peculiar changes, or don't feel them at all, all reasons are good, all the time.

Our osteopaths are trained in Quebec and graduate from only the best schools.
All osteopaths are members of Osteopathie Quebec. For more information, you may visit After each appointment, a receipt is emitted in osteopathy.

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