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This definition, published in 1916, still seems the most relevant in many regards and depicts our work with amazing accuracy:

« Osteopathy is that science which consists of such exact, exhaustive and verifiable knowledge of the structures and functions of the human mechanism, anatomical and physiological, including the chemistry and physics of its known elements as has made discoverable certain organic laws and remedial resources, within the body itself, by which nature, under the scientific treatment peculiar to osteopathic practice, apart from all ordinary methods of extraneous, artificial, or medicinal stimulation, and in harmonious accord with its own mechanical principles, molecular activities, and metabolic processes, may recover from displacements, disorganizations, derangements, and consequent disease, and regain its normal equilibrium of form and function in health and strength. »

Mason W. Pressly, A.B., Ph.D., D.O.
(Tasker, D. L. (1916). Principles of Osteopahy. Los Angeles: Bireley & Elson.)

Our osteopaths are trained in Quebec and graduate from only the best schools.
All osteopaths are members of Osteopathie Quebec. For more information, you may visit After each appointment, a receipt is emitted in osteopathy.

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