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Osteopathy is a front line service. You don't need a doctor's reference to see an osteopath. Your osteopath won't diagnose a health problem but will perform tests to rule out any medical emergency if needed.

The most common symptom for which people contact us is pain. Whatever region is painful, we can address it. No matter how it has emerged; over time or due to injury, your osteopath knows what to do.

In addition to pain, the reasons for consultation in osteopathy are legion. It would be easier to list the problems for which we are helpless but for the sake of argument, here are some common problems that we encounter in our office:
• Fatigue, insomnia, lack of energy
• Manifestitions of daily stress
• Digestive disorders of all kinds
• Pregnancy and perinatal care
• Headaches and migraines
• Those are only the most frequently encountered problems. Put us to the test!

In the event that your osteopath suspects a health issue that requires further medical investigation, he is able to target that problem and will never hesitate to refer to another competent health professional.

Our osteopaths are trained in Quebec and graduate from only the best schools.
All osteopaths are members of Osteopathie Quebec. For more information, you may visit After each appointment, a receipt is emitted in osteopathy.

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